Villagers of South Unguja Pete acquiring knowledge about the fight against AIDS through Jihadhari magazine released by Zanzibar AIDS Commission
Children at ZAPHA+
ZAC Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator Mr. Ali Kimwaga in one of the M&E meeting
Theatre for Social Development (THESODE) on the stage
Group Picture during World AIDS day climax 2015
Participants attended National Youth Forum in Zanzibar
Group Picture during World AIDS day climax, 1 December 2016
Waziri wa Nchi Ofisi ya Makamu wa Pili wa Rais Mhe. Mohamed Aboud Mohamed akizungumza na Watendaji wa Wizara yake ikiwemo Tume ya UKIMWI ambayo imehamishiwa Wizara hiyo.

ZAC Chairperson

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Being HIV Positive is not the End of Life:

A person living with HIV is not different to someone else. He can do the work of self-employed or employed and maintain their normal activities.

That’s what Abdillahi Nassor Kiruke says, who is doing small business at Darajani, in Zanzibar, where he also known as "Jua Kali".

He says he is typical of his statement upon and has been living with HIV since 2003 when he decided to test for his health.

Having seen that he has HIV, Abdillahi said he was disturbed and wanted to take steps to suicide himself on a car crash or swallowing many of chloroquine tablets, medicine used to treat malaria fever.

However, Abdillahi said, after receiving counseling liliondoka kujhiua idea to heart and now lives with hope as he engages with his work at the Darajani.

Although small business, Abdillahi is also an active member of Community of People Living with HIV Zanzibar (ZAPHA +) existing Vuga, in Unguja.

He says his work schedule is tough, but he struggles because he believes nothing is impossible if someone will be interested and willing to work.

He gave this advice in their communities ZAPHA + was asking the Secretary General of people living with HIV in the community emerge clearly explain their situation.

"Because of my condition now referred to, also I try to counsel the rest, he added.

Abdillahi is very pleased to have many friends after proclaiming that he is living with HIV. While showing a smile, he says, that among his friends, who comforted her most was a boy named Haji Juma of the causeway there.

Abdillahi was born 38 years ago, since she discovered in fellowship has HIV and his position is the progression to live without cutting lust.

"We live in hopes of cutting without lust even though we already have HIV. We accept that we have. We need to eat well live well ", he said.

Abdillahi says there is a need for government and stakeholders to focus their attention on helping ZAPHA + Government Leaders have a responsibility to visit