Villagers of South Unguja Pete acquiring knowledge about the fight against AIDS through Jihadhari magazine released by Zanzibar AIDS Commission
Children at ZAPHA+
ZAC Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator Mr. Ali Kimwaga in one of the M&E meeting
Theatre for Social Development (THESODE) on the stage
Group Picture during World AIDS day climax 2015
Participants attended National Youth Forum in Zanzibar
Group Picture during World AIDS day climax, 1 December 2016
Waziri wa Nchi Ofisi ya Makamu wa Pili wa Rais Mhe. Mohamed Aboud Mohamed akizungumza na Watendaji wa Wizara yake ikiwemo Tume ya UKIMWI ambayo imehamishiwa Wizara hiyo.

ZAC Chairperson

Welcome to the Zanzibar AIDS Commission (ZAC) Website. We hope that the ZAC website will serve to give a closer picture about ZAC...Read More

Dear readers,

Welcome to the Zanzibar AIDS Commission (ZAC) Website.

We hope that the ZAC website will serve to give a closer picture about ZAC and what is happening in Zanzibar with regard to HIV and AIDS related issues.

In 2002 the Zanzibar AIDS Commission was established with a mandate to manage and coordinate the national multi -sectoral response to HIV and AIDS in Zanzibar. Since then, ZAC has led stakeholders from all sectors to develop and implement the Zanzibar National multi-sectoral HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan 2004/5-2008/9 (ZNSP); formulate and adopt the Zanzibar National multi-sectoral HIV and AIDS policy in 2006; and mobilize resources, plan and implement HIV prevention, treatment, care, support, impact mitigation, monitoring, evaluation, and manage and coordinate activities in Zanzibar. The national HIV and AIDS response included mobilization and involvement of various stakeholders from civil society, private sector, international development partners and various Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies.

The following principles guide Zanzibar AIDS Commissions work:

  • Promote understanding, analysis and focus on the critical impact of HIV and AIDS as a development issue rather than purely a health concern. This recognizes that the impact of HIV and AIDS on people's lives is beyond health and encompasses other areas of their development and daily lives.
  • Disseminate information that is effective in promoting changes in knowledge, practice and behavior of individuals and communities using an evidence-based approach taking into account lessons and best practices. This means carefully selecting and targeting information that will directly impact people's behaviors. Understanding that it is through sustained behavior change that people will reduce their vulnerabilities to HIV and AIDS.
  • Promote the use of multi-sectoral and multi-faceted regional responses and interventions to the epidemic. This is aimed at recognizing the critical role of all sectors in building an effective response to the epidemic which should be aligned with the national response.
  • Influence key agencies to mainstream HIV and AIDS and gender related issues into their development work. The principle acknowledges that the majority of people infected are women and that the relationships between men and women are integral to the development of an effective response to the epidemic.
  • Promote greater and meaningful involvement of people living with HIV and AIDS (PLHIV). This acknowledges the fact that people living with HIV and AIDS are important stakeholders and partners in responding to the epidemic. Therefore PLHIV should be given opportunities to contribute not just as beneficiaries but as equal partners that can participate meaningfully in the design and implementation of HIV and AIDS responses.

Many aspects of life have been directly or indirectly negatively influenced by the AIDS epidemic. Thus there is the urgency to reduce the rate of new infections by inducing behavior change. This can be successfully brought about following high level of awareness of HIV and AIDS matters. We hope that this website will impart the demanded consciousness and required information to bring about the essential behavior change.

On behalf of Zanzibar AIDS Commission, I am launching the website in order to share information with the readers as we fight against HIV and AIDS. It is possible to win the bout against HIV and AIDS if there is the required consensus in the society. It is with this type of Motto that we can hope to save the present and future generations from the deadly syndrome.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding our initiatives and give us your feedback if you find the website lacking or requiring improvement to meet its objectives.

Enjoy reading our website.

Dkt. Salhiya A. Muhsin
Zanzibar AIDS Commission