Villagers of South Unguja Pete acquiring knowledge about the fight against AIDS through Jihadhari magazine released by Zanzibar AIDS Commission
Children at ZAPHA+
ZAC Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator Mr. Ali Kimwaga in one of the M&E meeting
Theatre for Social Development (THESODE) on the stage
Group Picture during World AIDS day climax 2015
Participants attended National Youth Forum in Zanzibar
Group Picture during World AIDS day climax, 1 December 2016
Waziri wa Nchi Ofisi ya Makamu wa Pili wa Rais Mhe. Mohamed Aboud Mohamed akizungumza na Watendaji wa Wizara yake ikiwemo Tume ya UKIMWI ambayo imehamishiwa Wizara hiyo.

ZAC Chairperson

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The mandate of the Commission is to oversee, plan and coordinate AIDS prevention and control activities throughout Zanzibar, in particular to:

  1. Formulate policy and establish program priorities for the control of the AIDS epidemic and management of its consequences throughout the country;
  2. To control and ameliorate the effects of the HIV and AIDS epidemic and to promote and coordinate the application of such strategies and policies.
  3. To enhance the capacity of the various sectors of the community to respond to the HIV and AIDS epidemic and to coordinate their responses.
  4. To mobilize, and manage resources in support to a national response to HIV and AIDS .
  5. To encourage the provision of facilities to treat and care for persons infected with HIV and AIDS and their dependants.
  6. To monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies and policies in the response to HIV and AIDS.
  7. To disseminate and encourage the dissemination of information on all aspects of HIV and AIDS.
  8. To submit regular reports to the Minister, on the Zanzibar AIDS Commission concerning the HIV and AIDS epidemic.
  9. Perform such other functions relating to the prevention or control of the AIDS epidemic in Zanzibar, as the Commission may deem necessary.

ZAC does not engage in direct implementation of HIV/AIDS programs but is expected to provide strategic leadership by ensuring effective harmonization of the HIV/AIDS related activities of the various players within agreed policy and program parameters.